Why TennantTRUE ® Parts on your Reconditioned Machine?

Choosing Tennant Recon isn’t just about Quality Equipment

Sure, you know you get quality by choosing Tennant reconditioned equipment.
But have you also considered the benefits of TennantTRUE ® original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts?

Why are TennantTrue® parts so important?


      • Reduce cost of ownership: Tennant Recon equipment is guaranteed to use OEM parts, helping to ensure the equipment runs reliably.
      • Manage risks for slip and fall accidents: Poorly performing generic parts can leave excessive water and detergent on the floor, increasing the risk for accidents.
      • Have confidence in your pre-owned equipment: Tennant Recon coupled with OEM parts help make sure the machines run effectively. Additionally you are covered by a warranty in case something goes wrong (see product’s specific warranty terms).
      • Get parts when you need them: Instead of keeping spare parts on your shelves, rely on Tennant’s expert customer service team to help you quickly order replacement parts and any other needs for your Tennant Recon equipment.



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