Used T7-10461604 Scrubber

The Tennant Used Pre-Owned T7 Micro Rider Floor Scrubber can polish, scrub, buff and strip a wide range of large and small spaces and surfaces from wood floors to cement. It's quiet (67/69 dBA), exceptionally mobile (180-degre turns), able to clean large spaces, through doorways, close to walls, and into standard elevators with aggressive ramp climbing.

Machine Specifications
Power Source: Battery, 240 AH
Hours: 1882
Model Year: 2010
Warranty: 30 days Parts
    32 inch cleaning path
    Disk Style Head
    Full access & cleanable 29 gallon / 110 liter solution tank
    29 gal / 110 L recovery tank (includes demisting chamber)
    Three settings for brush/pad down pressure are 80,120,160 lb / 36,54,73 kg
    Batteries passed inspection
    New Main Harness
    New Hoses, Skirts, Brushes, Gaskets
      US price $10,500 (estimated Canadian price $14,700) plus tax and shipping.
      Please call us at (800) 553-8033 x 2671 for Canadian availability.

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