Orbio os3

Replace your daily-use packaged conventional
chemical cleaners with safer, residue-free,
fragrance-free cleaners made on-site. 


Orbio® os3 system is small enough to fit into most janitorial closets and generates both cleaning and disinfecting/sanitizing solutions on-site at your location.

  • Machine Specifications

  • Dispensing System MultiSurface Cleaner MultiMicro 200

    Dispenser dilution ratio 10:1 (MultiSurface) and  7.5:1 (MultiMicro)

    RTU (Ready-to-Use) dispensing capacity (with full Concentrate tank)

  • 50 gal/190L (MultiSurface) and  25 gal/95L (MultiMicro)

    pH (RTU) 10 - 11.5 (MultiSurface) 6 - 8 (Multi Micro)

    Generation System MultiSurface Concentrate MultiMicro Concentrate

    Generator tank capacity 5 gal/19L (MultiSurfance)  3.5 gal/13L (MultiMicro)

    Generation rate 1 gal per hr/3.8L per hr  (Multi Surfuace) 1.4 gal per hr/5.3L per hr (MultiMicro)


    os3 Specifications

    Dimensions/Weight Water Softener os3 Generator Power Requirements

    Depth 14 in/356 mm 14 in/356 mm Circuit requirement (min): I5A

    Width 24 in/610 mm 24 in/610 mm Input AC voltage:

    Height 27 in/686 mm 32 in/813 mm 120V/60Hz or 230V/50Hz

  • Machine is new condition.   Includes 50 MM200 Labels and 100 MSC Labels.
  • $7,700 plus applicable freight and tax

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