Copy of As-Is 6400-5620 Sweeper

The Tennant Used 6400 has multi-environment versatility for maximum large space cleaning. Made with a durable t-beam and bumper construction and corrosion-proof Duramer; hopper and shrouds. Perma-filter; removes 60 percent of dust before it reaches the panel filter. Operator friendly with the intuitive all-levers-forward operation and auto-on brushes.

Machine Specifications

Power Source: LP
Hours: 3152
Model Year: 2008
Warranty: As-Is, No Warranty

As-Is Machine, Fully operational and all safety features inspected and functional
50 inch cleaning path with right-hand sidebrush
Debris hopper volume capacity 11.25 ft³ / 319 liters
Debris hopper weight capacity 700 lb / 318 kg
Dumps at any height from ground level to 60 in / 1525 mm
Dust filtration (to) 3 microns
LP, SE Indicator Package
New Skirts, Brushes, Seals, Filter
New Valve Cover Gasket, New Rear Tire


Machine hasn't been recondition, or cosmetically improved.   Has been Serviced, the engine is good and the machine is fully functional


US price $12,900 (estimated Canadian price $17,900) plus tax and shipping.
Please call us at (800) 553-8033 x 2671 for Canadian availability.

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