Certified B7-10992782 Burnisher

The Certified Pre-Owned Tennant B7 Battery Burnisher delivers high performance propane-like gloss results.  Machines come standard with HEPA dust control air filtration and a low dBA level.

Machine Specifications

Power Source: Battery Powered
Hours: 1 Hour of Use
Model Year: 2020
Warranty: 6 Months Parts, 60 Days Labor

  • 27in cleaning path
  • Pad rotation 18575 rpm
  • Standard on-board charger
  • Sound level as low as 65 dBA
  • Battery Powered
  • New Batteries, Pad
  • New Filter, Filter bag, Headskirt
    US price $8,900 (estimated Canadian price $12,460) plus tax and shipping.
    Please call us at (800) 553-8033 x 2671 for Canadian availability.


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