Certified 6200-4132 Sweeper

The Tennant Certified Pre-Owned  6200 Compact Rider Sweeper is battery powered to quietly capture dust and debris in a single pass. Auto Adjust™ sweeping system adapts hopper loading action to maintain peak sweeping performance throughout life of the brush. The hopper's multi-level dumping ability eliminates need for operator to handle debris. Thermo Sentry® temperature sensor monitors the hopper for dangerously high temperatures and shuts down the vacuum to avoid damage.

Machine Specifications

Power Source: Battery Powered
Hours: 200
Model Year: 2014
Warranty: 9 Months Parts 90 Days Labor 
Certified Pre-Owned
55 inch cleaning path with dual side brush
Debris hopper volume capacity 4.4 ft / 125 liters
Debris hopper weight capacity 300 lb / 136 kg
Hopper dump height (variable to) 4.5 ft/ 1.37m
Dust filtration (to) 3 microns
Vac Wand, Dual Sidebrushes, Backup Alarm with Flashing Light
Seat Belt, Kill Switch, Headlights
Battery powered
New Batteries, Brushes, Seals, Skirts, Drive Belts, Traction Tire and Idler Wheels,
New Dust Panel Filter, Rebuilt Brush Drive and Idler Hubs, Paint

    US price $17,500 (estimated Canadian price $24,500) plus tax and shipping.
    Please call us at (800) 553-8033 x 2671 for Canadian availability.

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