Certified 4300-4014 Litter Vac

The Tennant Certified All Terrain Litter Vacuum (ATLV) 4300 improves the image of your community with exceptional litter pick-up across outdoor spaces. Maximizing productivity, this rider has a low center of gravity design for stability & safely protects the operator across all terrains: climb curbs, navigate hills, and clean along fence lines. Keep grassy grounds, parking lot and shrub beds free of trash, cigarette butts, bottles and more.

  • Machine Specifications

  • Power Source: Diesel
    Hours: 878
    Model Year: 2016
    Warranty: 9 months parts, 90 days Labor

  • Certified Machine
    Volume capacity 110 Gallon,416 liters
    Nozzle size 8 inches,200MM
    Forward speed variable to 16 mph,26 km/h
    Gradeability 12.0 deg, 21%,
    Vacuum Deck, Vac Wand, Flashing Light
    Diesel Powered 
    All scheduled maintenance completed
    New Foam Filled Tires, Rebuilt Vac Deck and Wand
    New Suction Hoses and Nozzle Assemblies

    US price $31,500 (estimated Canadian price $43,900) plus tax and shipping.

    Please call us at (800) 553-8033 x 2671 for Canadian availability.

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